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Your big day is quickly approaching. I’m sure by now you probably have the dress, the venue, the caterer, the florist and even the DJ all lined up. But have you thought about the music you want for your ceremony? I didn’t think so.

Why do so many people put off this decision, or worse yet, leave it to someone else to decide? I mean you can always make an iTunes playlist for the ceremony right? What’s wrong with that? Well nothing actually....... unless it doesn’t tell your story!

Over the years, I have been mystified by this approach to wedding music. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a musician or something. But then I started to think about why this was occurring and I decided it was just because people didn’t know what to do, where to look, or how to go about choosing the music for their ceremony. So let’s see if I can help you alleviate this problem.

When you go to a movie, or watch a show on television, you don’t hear children’s nursery rhymes in the middle of a chase scene. You don’t hear romantic music during a war scene and you don’t hear scary music during a happy family scene. Those kinds of things would just be out of context and would ruin the whole mood of the show.

If soundtracks are important to tv and film, shouldn’t they also be important for your wedding? The venue, the invitations, the caterer and the flowers all set a certain mood for your event. Why would you want the “soundtrack” to be incongruent with the mood you are trying to convey?

The music you choose for your wedding can have a profound impact on your guests through the mood and overall feel it creates.
For example, take the rescoring of this Mary Poppins trailer.

See how music can change the entire meaning of something? It’s pretty interesting isn’t it?

So unless you want your guests to be confused by the mood your music selections create, step one would be to choose your wedding style.

This can be revealed to you through the venue you have chosen, or the dress, or the decor, or invitations, or even the cake.

What do those things say about you and what you want to convey on your big day? Are you laid back and relaxed? Are you very chic and au courante? Are you elegant and sophisticated? Do you want your guests to feel comfortable and at home, or do you want them to see your wedding as the most unique event that they have ever gone to?

Each one of those styles is reflected in the kind of music you choose. For example, you probably wouldn’t want a string orchestra if you are getting married in a field. And you probably wouldn't have a bluegrass group if you are being married in a cathedral.