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Is your big day quickly approaching? Do you have the venue? Do you have the caterer? Do you have the dress? What about the music?

I find so many times that people put off making decisions about the music because they just don’t know what to do. They end up delegating it to someone else who may or may not choose the kind of music that they would prefer because it’s just “one more thing” that they have to make decisions on before the actual wedding takes place.

I have come up with a unique system for choosing wedding music that I call, “Your Wedding Soundtrack” which should help to simplify these mystifying decisions.

When you go to a movie, or watch a show on television, you don’t hear children’s nursery rhymes in the middle of a chase scene. You don’t hear romantic music during a war scene and you don’t hear scary music during a happy family scene. Those kinds of things would just be out of context and would ruin the whole mood of the show. If soundtracks are important to tv and film, shouldn’t they also be important for your wedding?

The venue, the invitations, the caterer and the flowers all set a certain mood for your wedding. Why would you want the “soundtrack” to be incongruent with the mood you are trying to convey?

So let’s take a walk together and think through some of these decisions. It’s really not that difficult. If you can answer a few questions, then together we can customize “Your Wedding Soundtrack” and you can get back to more important things, like deciding what kind of icing you want on your cake!