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Hi, I’m Vivian and I don’t work for a living, I play....literally.

I started playing around with the piano when I was only three because..... well because my mom is a piano teacher and my dad was a piano tuner. Playing piano was kind of like breathing at our house.

I did the usual things as a kid - practice piano, try to get out of practicing piano, pretend I had practiced piano and finally settling down to actually practicing piano.

When I was twelve I figured out that I really liked playing with others, so I started playing for my school choirs.

At 16 I started teaching other people how to play the piano when I took on my mom’s overflow of piano students.

About that same time I started playing to entertain people by working in summer musical theatre productions.

At 18 I went off to college to study piano of course! I got a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from the College of Wooster in Wooster, OH.

Then I married Mr. Wonderful, had three children, got my Master’s Degree from Michigan State University in chamber music and accompanying, and moved multiple times, finally ending up in Atlanta, GA 30 years ago.

Since we have lived here, I have:

  • Created and run a fine arts academy for homeschooled students
  • Raised three children
  • Taught private piano lessons
  • Played for our church
  • Done free-lance accompanying all over town
  • Become a Mimi to 9 beautiful grand babies

In 2012, I returned to my first love of playing with others and began working full time as a Collaborative Pianist, which is a fancy term that means I don’t work for a living, I play.

So now we’re here on my website, and I’d love for you to come and play with me too. I can teach you how to play for a living, or heck, I can even play FOR you....literally!